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George Gilder, Venture Capitalist and Bestselling Author of
The Israel Test on Why Israel is the Crucial Battlefield for Capitalism and Freedom Today 

George Gilder

Venture capitalist and author of Wealth & Poverty, George Gilder makes the moral case for Israel as a bastion of capitalism and freedom in his new book The Israel Test. Gilder contends that if we allow Israel to be quelled or destroyed, we succumb to forces targeting capitalism and freedom everywhere. The Israel test is ultimately a test of America’s will to triumph over enemies who hate the US, as they hate Israel, for the values that have made them great. The Israel test for each of us is whether we resent the excellence in achievement demonstrated by Jews over the centuries and Israel today or admire and aspire to their contributions to humanity and world economy.

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Roee Madai, Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs to the US, Southern Region, on Israel's Economic Vitality & Doing Business in Israel

Roee Madai

Roee Madai is Israeli Economic Affairs Consul for the US Southern Region. Entrepreneurship, venture capital, research and development, an educated workforce and government, industry and university collaboration have put Israel in the global economic spot light. In the past three years, Israel has enjoyed annual growth of more than 5%. Israel has enjoyed the fruits of economic prosperity, enabling it to utilize its relative advantages in the field of high-tech. Multinational companies operate 120 R&D centers in Israel representing an important engine for their future growth in communication, information and software, life sciences and renewable energy.

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