at the Feet of Jesus

Look there on the mountains
the feet of one who brings good news, who proclaims peace!  - Nahum 2:12

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Heavenly hosts fill the skies singing and proclaiming the birth of Christ the Messiah. A bright star portends His Kingdom. From the moment of His birth, His destiny was affirmed. King of kings and Lord of lords, Immanuel - God with us - changed the world forever. 1 As the Son of Man, He brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and dwelt among us. 2 One of the most poignant pictures of Christmas is that of the baby Jesus in a manger with shepherd boys and their sheep kneeling at His feet. What a privilege the shepherds enjoyed as the first to behold the wonder of Jesus. What joy must have filled their hearts as they witnessed Mary and Joseph kiss the innocent feet of Jesus. 3

This regal yet humble birth is a paradox of elegant simplicity incomprehensible in human terms. In that miraculous moment, God fulfilled His prophetic Word written throughout 4000 years of Jewish history. 4 His Only Begotten Son who had been at His side from the beginning, who had created the Heavens and earth, in obedience, left His throne to dwell on earth. 5 In His humanity He lived the life of a carpenter in a part of Israel considered lower class, yet in His deity He brought peace and redemption for a fallen creation.

Surrounded by 12 chosen disciples, men of equally simple backgrounds and common occupations, Jesus traveled the country side and towns of Israel for three years preaching the Word of God, challenging the spiritual leaders, healing the sick and blind, comforting the broken hearted, forgiving sinners, and prophesying His second coming. 6 The messages, parables, and prayers of Jesus recorded in the four Gospels present every significant doctrine of Christianity, an amazing confirmation of Biblical truth. He declared His deity, prophesied His death and resurrection, proclaimed the fulfillment of the Old Testament covenant, and established a new covenant for His Church. 7 Thousands sat at the servant feet of Jesus as He ministered to them and shared the secrets of His kingdom.

When Mary sat at the feet of Jesus while her sister scurried about to serve their guests, she was scolded by Martha for not helping. Yet Jesus said, "Mary has chosen what is better." Rather than temporal things, Mary chose to partake of eternal truth. 8 Likewise another woman was rebuked as she anointed the feet of Jesus with perfume. Jesus accepted this humble act of worship saying, "Her many sins have been forgiven - for she loved much…Your faith has saved you; go in peace." 9 These two women, one a family friend, the other a social discard, captured the heart of Jesus by their posture of humility, their heart of faith and their attitude of worship.

During Passover Jesus was betrayed, tried, beaten, scourged and crucified. The three Maries with the beloved disciple John knelt at the nail-pierced feet of Jesus grieving the gross torment of their son, friend, Master, and Rabbi. On the cross His life was wrenched away as Jesus cried, "it is finished" and gave up His spirit.10 Utter defeat was turned to eternal victory as within three days He arose, appeared among His disciples and commanded them to take the Gospel to all nations. 11 "I shall return," He promised. 12 Then all men shall bow at the triumphant feet of Jesus, who will come to rule and reign over all the earth! From manger to ministry to majesty, Jesus calls us to worship at His feet. 13

In the frenzy of Christmas celebrations, parties, concerts, shopping and gift giving, take a quiet moment to hear the words of Jesus. Sit at His feet to comprehend the true meaning and significance of the season. Reflect on the eternal impact of His birth, His life, His passion, His sacrifice and resurrection. At the innocent feet of Jesus your heart will be softened. At the servant feet of Jesus, your diseases healed, your heart aches comforted, your burdens lifted, your losses restored. At the anointed feet of Jesus, broken lives are consecrated to Him. At the nail - pierced feet of Jesus sins are forgiven and at the triumphant feet of Jesus, lives transformed for eternity.

No matter how colorfully, creatively and elegantly wrapped, Christmas is but an empty package if not celebrated at the feet of Jesus. This Christmas praise God for His magnificent gift wrapped in pure love, a gift of saving grace found not under a decorated tree, but at the manger, at the cross, at the miraculous feet of Jesus.

Sheryl Dawson
Christmas, 2004

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