Sheryl on Into the Light with Dr. Jim Dorman

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Sheryl Dawson

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Dr. Jim Dorman, host of Into the Light on Arizona Shine Radio, interviews Sheryl Dawson, CEO of Dawson Consulting Group, to discuss the Whole Life Profile assessment and workshop for individuals and couples. Listen in to learn how you can bring balance to all aspects of your life and work for increased happiness and success. Sheryl shares her personal story of how the Whole Life Profile has facilitated her wellness journey, business transition, and relocation to Flagstaff. Jim asks Sheryl how listeners can overcome their challenges, navigate transitions and achieve their own goals for improved relationships and career success. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into your unique “whole life profile” which reveals behavioral strengths, blind spots, and motivators so that you can achieve your physical, financial, psychological/emotional, relational, and spiritual goals for a more fulfilling life! Additional information and registration:

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