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Grand Canyon Rafting Story: Journey into Scientific & Spiritual Truth

Sheryl in the canyon

On the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Grand Canyon National Park and 125th anniversary of the John W. Powell expedition down the Greene and Colorado rivers through the Grand Canyon, I had the privilege of fulfilling a life-long goal to raft through the Grand Canyon. It was a spectacular experience, especially having selected Canyon Ministries as host to learn the origins of the canyon from a Biblically aligned perspective. Both our dedicated hosts and Arizona River Rafters’ guides did an excellent job and my fellow rafters were a joy with whom to share the adventure. I hope you enjoy the 3-part story of our multi-faceted experience and that you will be inspired to share with others.

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Sheryl’s Grand Canyon Rafting Story

11 replies
  1. Marty Schulke
    Marty Schulke says:

    There are no words to describe the awe inspiring photos and narrative of your rafting trip down the canyon!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this trip with you vicariously!!! You are very brave. I would not be able to do what you did. God bless you with many more beautiful experiences!

  2. Mark Christensen
    Mark Christensen says:

    Sheryl, thank you for sharing such an inspirational experience! What an adventure through the Grand Canyon, both physically and spiritually. I never knew those details of how the canyon was created and the tie back to the great flood. And camping out under the stars, what an adventurer you are!

  3. Maurisa
    Maurisa says:

    Sheryl this is beautiful. You live life to the fullest and in your purpose. Many blessings to you and your family. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. Jeff B Dixon
    Jeff B Dixon says:


    Thank you for sharing! How picturesque! Aside from the heat, the weather was otherwise clear and beautiful (I love the illumination of the moon you described). I particularly liked the lesson when the young man lost his Go-Pro: “when you face disappointment, seek consolation in humor.” I couldn’t agree more.

  5. Grace Chan
    Grace Chan says:

    Sheryl, you are an inspiration! What an amazing journey this is and you continue to awe me with all that you do. Thanks for sharing 🤩

  6. Regine St.Villier-Mays
    Regine St.Villier-Mays says:

    Wow! Wow! So nice to read the Biblical perspective that underpins the majestic display known as Grand Canyon. Even in judgment, God’s work is masterful! I could hardly contain myself just a few days ago, as I savored the view from the Rim. I’m not surprised to see that an equally exquisite sight can also be appreciated even a mile down.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, as this excursion will likely not make my bucket list(😊), so I appreciate a peep into your firsthand rendition.


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