Redemption Cup & the Cup of Trembling

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Jesus Weeps: Amid Chaos Flow Rivers of Living Water


“The one who believes in me, will have rivers of living water flowing from his heart.” John 7:38

Summary: Jesus has compassion today just as when he was on earth. He weeps for the world in chaos. He weeps for the Jewish people who have yet to recognize their Messiah. He weeps for his church fallen into apostasy, unable to recognize false doctrines that seek to align with a godless culture. Jesus weeps for those taken in by false narratives of globalists intent on enslaving humans around the world. This article addresses the global pandemic agendas and narratives that played out in the last two and a half years to promote fear and gain compliance with policies that undermined health, eroded freedoms, and enabled tyranny globally. Knowing truth empowers people to regain health freedom, resist fear and oppression, and demand accountability of leaders at all governmental levels. Yes, Jesus weeps. Not out of despair, but from the unfathomable depth of his love for humanity to bring restoration, healing, and salvation. Jesus will give you streams of joy, peace, and abundant life amid chaos and the overflow of your heart shall bless others around you.

Introduction – Jesus’ Compassion on Earth

During his time on earth as a man Jesus felt emotions. As the Son of God his emotions are imbued with the heart of God who is love. (I John 4:8) So, when Jesus went to his friends who had just lost their brother, he wept. Jesus learned of his friend’s illness days before when he received a message imploring him to come and heal his friend, Lazarus. Yet, Jesus lingered where he was ministering and did not arrive until four days after the death of Lazarus. When Mary and Martha shared their grief and wondered why he had not come sooner, he wept. (John 11) Why did he weep? Was it in compassion for his grieving friends? He knew he had delayed coming to reveal his power as the Son of God and that He would raise Lazarus. Did he weep because of their little faith? Having seen healing miracles, they had sent for him expecting his healing touch. Out of his great compassion and love, Jesus prayed, and demonstrating his power over death, called forth Lazarus and he rose out of his tomb!

In another poignant scripture Jesus grieved for Jerusalem on the Mt of Olives just before his crucifixion. (Matthew 23:37) He knew that the people would follow the religious leaders and shout for his death. He knew that merely decades after his death and resurrection, the Romans would destroy Jerusalem and the Jewish people would be scattered in the diaspora to the four corners of the earth. It would be almost two thousand years before fulfillment of their prophesied regathering into the modern state of Israel. These powerful examples of Jesus love and compassion renew our hope in times of great challenge and confusion.

Jesus Weeps Today

Indeed, Jesus has compassion today just as when he was on earth. In his ascent to heaven he declared, “I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20 And today he weeps for the world in chaos. He weeps for the Jewish people who have yet to recognize their Messiah. He weeps for his church fallen into apostasy, unable to recognize false doctrines that seek to align with a godless culture. Jesus weeps for those taken in by false narratives of globalists intent on enslaving humans around the world.

America, founded on Christian values and Biblical principles, has been blessed even through the disruptive and painful Civil War, Great Depression, two World Wars, and other conflicts over the generations. Yet having compromised its founding principles throughout government, institutions, and culture, America’s foundation is cracking. Moving further and further from God, American culture has become perverted, institutions corrupted, and its Republic threatened by socialism, communism, and secularism. Jesus weeps for America. Can Jesus save America from its crumbling values?

Return and Overcome

“If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. II Chronicles 7:14 This verse is as applicable today as it was when spoken by the prophet to ancient Israel. The church, His adopted people, must return to Biblical truth, and pray for the healing of America. We must also educate ourselves and be discerning of Constitutional and legal compromises that weaken America and act accordingly to protect our God-given freedoms and institutions.

Global Forces Seek Control

The battle seems overwhelming as the globalist agenda has done great harm over the last 70 years, culminating in over two years of pandemic with a global response designed to create fear and weaken the resolve of those who find it easier to go along to get along. Churches closed. Educational institutions went remote. A great wealth transfer occurred from the middle class and small businesses to large corporate entities controlled by the globalists.1 In the name of public health, national and state governments imposed their will and control on their citizens. The resulting social, educational, and economic carnage was of no concern to the globalists or the leaders who were in control.

WHO, CDC, FDA implemented an unprecedented global response. How did it happen in lockstep? Indeed, we have learned that it was a plan.2 Lockdown, masking, social distancing, shaming, and coercion have proven effective only to promote fear, disrupt social interaction, and gain compliance; none of these actions reduced the spread of the virus. Most damning is that the propagandists knew their rules were ineffective against transmission. To cover their lies, they censored contrary information as misinformation. When reality got in the way, they would simply change their lies claiming, “evolving science.”

It is baffling to immunologists that they chose a corona virus transmitted by air for their pandemic plan; the immune system is extraordinarily complex, and the respiratory/ lung system is separate from the immune system of other organs. Therefore, a vaccine injected cannot stop transmission of an airborne virus.3 This is the reason researchers have never created an effective vaccine for corona viruses or the common cold though they have tried for decades.

Furthermore, we have learned through brave doctors, researchers, and leaders opposed to the false narrative pushed by a captured media and the censorship of big tech, that the pandemic response was designed as a vehicle to control the world through the World Economic Forum Great Reset. When one connects all the dots of what has happened around the world in the last two and a half years, the resulting picture is frightening in its sinister goal. Any information, data, evidence, or opinion contrary to the globalist’s narrative is refuted as conspiracy theory and alternative voices censored and cancelled. But the globalist cabal is quite open about their goal for control.4

Wealth Above Health

While suitable early treatments were suppressed to allow the roll out of emergency vaccines without proper testing, millions died around the world.5 Jesus weeps for their souls. These treatments, which are proven and documented to have saved 85% of the vulnerable when used early in covid illness, still are withheld from the public.6 Instead, the CDC issued a treatment protocol to health care systems incentivized to use the ineffective protocol that killed many hospitalized patients. Doctors who sought to use other proven medications were penalized by hospital administrators and even fired for not complying; other dissenters have had their licenses threatened. It has never been the CDC’s responsibility to prescribe treatments and interfere with doctors’ treatment of their patients.7 Now a year and a half after the vaccines were distributed, the vaccinated are repeatedly getting covid because of new variants, and their weakened immune systems caused by the leaky vaccine. CDC knew that covid vaccines are not able to stop transmission, so they changed the definition of vaccine! Why? Vaccines are the only drug treatment from which big pharma is exempt from liability.8

Throughout the covid vaccines roll out, thousands of adverse reactions including death occurred. The CDC and doctors dismiss these as unrelated to the vaccines. The US official database for vaccine adverse reactions, VAERS, has over a million reports, and thousands deleted without explanation. These represent only a fraction of the true numbers. There are more adverse reaction reports for covid vaccines than for all previous vaccines over the last 20 years, yet the CDC continues to turn a blind eye.9 The same has happened in all Western countries that are heavily vaxed, including Israel whose leaders cut an early deal with Pfizer. The apple of God’s eye became a petri dish for covid vaccines. Surely, Jesus weeps. Poorer countries in Africa, India, and South America with access to early treatments came through the pandemic to herd immunity with few deaths.10

Covid Vaccine Consequences

The evidence is obvious, yet WHO, CDC, FDA, and Western governments continue their charade with emergency powers, mandates, and tyranny. Since mandating experimental drugs is against the Nuremberg Code and Federal law, they turned to coercive corporate mandates, also violating Federal law that prohibits coercion and requires informed consent. DOD mandates also violate law and weaken our defense readiness and national security.11 The airline industry is visibly disrupted from the mandates; many pilots were injured or forced out for not complying. The media ignores the obvious connection to thousands of cancelled flights. The unvaxed are blamed for the ongoing viral transmission, yet they are healthier, tend not to repeat exposure to covid due to natural immunity, and have stronger immunity to other illnesses than those who believed the lies, trusted an untrustworthy medical establishment, and hold tightly to their mass formation!12 It is estimated that about a third of the population believe the global narrative and comply, another third know they have been manipulated but comply for a host of practical reasons, and a third seek truth and do not comply. Regardless of one’s viewpoint, the stress associated with the rules, disruptive consequences, censorship, manipulation, and loss of freedom and control on one’s life has resulted in chaos and depression – just what the globalists desire.

Meanwhile, insurance companies have reported huge increases in deaths of working aged people in 2021 – a trend continuing in 2022.13 Unable to ignore the dead bodies, the establishment, and their loyal media megaphones bought by big pharma advertising, shake their heads in feigned confusion about a so-called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, previously known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome! They think if they give it a mysterious name, they can distract from the obvious – healthy young people, even athletes in top shape, who have been jabbed are suddenly dying in alarming numbers. Jesus weeps for the lost souls taken before their time by blood clots leading to stroke and other organ failure, neurological disorders caused by nano lipid particles crossing the blood/brain barrier, and heart disorders affected by the deadly Spike protein made by their own bodies and unrecognized by their immune system as foreign because of the vax (auto immune deficiency).14

Then there are the women who have suffered miscarriages up to 200% higher than normal or who have sick babies from mother’s milk contaminated by Spike protein.15 Other women suffer menstrual abnormalities. The Spike protein that was claimed to stay in the arm, disseminates to the organs, causing all manner of illnesses and potentially infertility and DNA alteration.16 Jesus weeps for the injured and lost babies.

Bottom Line Above Truth

Now, even though Pfizer safety trial documents prove that the pharmaceutical companies and FDA/CDC knew of all the potential adverse reactions, which they attempted to hide from the public for 75 years, the FDA has approved covid vaccines for little babies and children under 5.17 Their rationale? “Parents deserve to choose for their children.” Really? Where is informed consent? Where is the obligation of the FDA/CDC to protect public health? And why do they need to vax the babies? By adding covid vaccines to the CDC childhood schedule, big pharma is exempt from liability; this is essential to remove the emergency exemption from liability.18 This goal is so essential to big pharma that the trial data for this age group is completely fraudulent.19

These corrupt health institutions and evil leaders are captured by big pharma which cares only for their bottom lines burgeoning with billions in just 18 months from taxpayer dollars allotted by corrupt and power-obsessed governments that have betrayed their citizens. Convinced they are untouchable, the corrupt FDA has approved fall boosters for which no trials are required! As a member of the FDA Advisory Board, Dr. Paul Offit who is recognized as one of the top vaccinologists in the world and who has supported all prior covid vax EUAs including for babies, voted against this authorization arguing the data is unsupported and describing the meeting as “the fix was in.” This is a stunning admission by a vaccine apologist well compensated by big pharma. As mentioned, the next inevitable step is for the CDC to add the most dangerous “vaccine” in history to the childhood vaccine schedule giving permanent exemption from liability to big pharma for all ages including adults! What Dr. Offit confirmed is the blatant fraud of big pharma and our health agencies – there is no liability exemption from fraud. It is nothing less than crimes against humanity.20 Jesus weeps!

Courage to Resist & Act

In the first century AD, the Holy Spirit empowered the fast-growing church to overcome the oppressive Roman Empire. While the church grew, the Roman Empire collapsed under the weight of its tyranny and the will of God. Today’s church can learn from the early churches and Biblical leaders. Acts and the epistles of the Apostles, as well as the Revelation of John and Old Testament prophets are our guide to overcoming the current global tyranny. Rather than going along to get along, we must resist the lies and stand for our God-given freedoms. The heroic church leader in WWII, Dietrick Bonhoeffer, held tightly to the Word of God and stood up against Hitler and Nazism. He said, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” We must seek the truth, share the truth, and stand for what is right. Psalm 97:10 admonishes, “You who love the Lord, hate evil and anarchy!” Proverbs 26:26 proclaims, “Though malice disguises itself with deception, its evil will be exposed publicly.”

Regarding the so-called vaccines which are really gene therapy, if you were jabbed, refuse the boosters as the negative impact on your immune system is accumulative. Seek help to detox and heal vax injuries from doctors who have studied the effect of the Spike protein and nano lipids.21 Refuse to give covid vaxes to children of any age — there is no benefit from the vax, only risk. Support nonprofits established to share the truth about the vax and global agenda. Rather than listening to mass media who repeat false narratives ad nausea, seek other sources of information that expose the lies and present true data and actual science. Censored and cancelled experts who have nothing to gain by opposing the establishment and much to lose, are the truth sayers.22 Do not remain isolated but find like-minded people to form a supportive community. Be compassionate to those who remain fixated on the false narrative. Rather than arguing, ask questions that may cause them to think about the futility of remaining captive to fear and beholden to a tyrannical government and compromised medical establishment. If your doctor is captured by the narrative, seek a new independent doctor who has critical thinking skills. If your own family is divided, show them love and be available when they need help.

Broken Trust

From health institutions and big pharma to medical centers/clinics to academia/researchers and doctors, to legislators and courts, to mass media, big tech, and corporations, public trust is shattered. This global web of corruption and deceit has betrayed the people to protect their own interests and their god of profit and control.

Knowing truth empowers people to regain health freedom, resist fear and oppression, and demand accountability of leaders at all governmental levels. If you are employed by these entities, it is time to break free and follow your conscience. Others have done so, and you can as well. Simply step out and do what is right, not what is expected, convenient, or easy.

If you are a doctor or health care worker, there are new and innovative alternative health entities seeking like-minded professionals committed to their Hippocratic Oath. Already doctors are becoming the scapegoat as Austria is the first country to place liability for vax injuries and responsibility for informed consent on physicians. If you are in media, alternative media entities seek those committed to truth in journalism. If you are in government, you also have an oath to uphold — to protect and preserve the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Act to expose corruption and hold those accountable who have violated their trust and responsibility to the citizens. If you are in academia and research and rely on CDC/NIH funding, you have an obligation to expose faulty and manipulated research. If you are a leader in corporations that mandated this experimental jab under the threat of termination, stand up for a reversal of policy, offer to rehire where possible, and apologize to your employees and stakeholders. If you cannot, then find other employment not beholden to the globalist agenda.

Faith Leaders in the Cultural Battle

Finally, faith leaders and non-profit organizations supported by the faithful, you also have a responsibility to do what is right. Whether you trusted the promoters of covid vaccination, took it yourself, or not, it is time to get on the side of truth. Confront and expose evil as Bonhoeffer admonished: “silence in the face of evil is evil.” If you have been silent to avoid offending those who believe the false science and narrative, recall during WWII that was the position of the established church. Ignoring the elephant in the room is to be self-deceived. Christian unity is in Christ, not government policies or medical treatments; there should be openness among the faithful to discuss cultural and social issues without dissention. Evil cloaked in sheep clothes seeks to destroy people of faith and the church; where there is evil, there is spiritual battle. (Ephesians 6:12) By the power of the Holy Spirit, we have spiritual armor for this age old battle and must align with Biblical truth and God’s angelic host in the fight. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Remind Christians that they are to trust in the Lord, not humans. (Jeremiah 5:6 – 8) Knowing that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit makes it vitally important to consider the consequences of taking these experimental jabs. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) Currently the most compelling motivation to speak out is the FDA/CDC’s decision to approve covid vaccines for babies and small children. Already little ones are injured and dying within days of injection of the vaccine. Jesus warns that the one who harms a little child would be better off thrown into the sea with a millstone about his neck. (Luke 17:2) Study the information provided in the references below, research the data in alternative sources, and pray for the Lord’s guidance in discerning the truth and the best way to address vaccine risks, as well as the connection to the globalist agenda with your faith followers.23

Rivers of Living Waters

The entire globalist strategy is to divide and conquer – they care not for the family, church, community, national sovereignty, or the individual. They want to deceive you, control you, own you, and even kill you. Human life is not sacred to them. They are godless and do not acknowledge that God created humans in His image.24 Yes, Jesus weeps. Not out of despair, but from the unfathomable depth of his love for humanity to bring restoration, healing, and salvation.

If you have lost a loved one or friend in the pandemic or from the vax, lost revenue, or business from lockdowns, lost a job because of mandates, lost relationships due to conflict over the vax deception and mandates, come to the source of life. “The one who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, will have rivers of living water flowing from his heart.” John 7:38 Jesus will give you streams of joy, peace, and abundant life amid chaos and the overflow of your heart shall bless others around you. His Shalom is complete. Let your tears be in gratitude for His grace. And remember that when you enter his presence in heaven, there will be no more tears. (Revelation 21:4) Meanwhile, Christians have a responsibility to intercede and act as led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish His will on earth. Amid the global darkness radiate the light of Jesus’ love. May the Lord bless you with living water flowing from your heart. May this beautiful hymn remind you of His power in every circumstance to wash your soul with His peace: Be Still My Soul – Taryn Harbridge

Selected References & Sources (PDF) (Some references include notes and comments for clarification of content.)

With blessings,
Sheryl Dawson
July 19, 2022

Prayer of confession and restoration:
Lord, forgive us for trusting in humans and not in you. We pray for discernment and wisdom in these tumultuous times when deception and fear are used to lead us astray from Your guidance and truth. We have been betrayed by our health care system, our government, our employers and by those we have trusted to protect us. They have utterly failed. Yet You have promised never to fail us but to lead us into paths of righteousness. We ask forgiveness for allowing fear and complacency to cause us to participate in a campaign of global tyranny. Restore our freedom to take responsibility for our health, to worship You in assembly with other believers, and to speak freely in all areas of knowledge, science, and spiritual truth. Expose those who have used their power and position to deceive, control and mislead the people. Bring them to justice. Destroy corrupt media, institutions, and leaders. Replace them with responsible and lawful entities and leaders who put the people before themselves. Heal those harmed by experimental vaccines and expose the fraudulent science used to manipulate our health care. We thank you for our amazing immune system and pray for restoration; teach us to strengthen our natural immunity with healthy supplements and foods. Give us courage to engage in all areas of our culture, education, media, and government that we are salt and light; enable us to activate Your transforming power in obedience to Biblical truth. Allow Your rivers of living water to flow from our hearts into the hearts of those around us. In Jesus mighty name and for His glory, Amen

Personal End Note: Very early in the lockdown I sensed that we were not being told the truth, and I prayed a simple prayer for the Lord to reveal the truth. The very first video interview I watched following my prayer was with Dr Judy Mikovits; her knowledge of virology, experience with the CDC and Dr Fauci, and passion for truth were convincing. I knew the Lord was answering my prayer. If you ask the Lord to lead you to the truth, He will answer as He is not a God of confusion.

Since then, having read and listened to thousands of articles/videos on the pandemic/ vaccines/ health and globalist topics, and having attempted to share them on social media, I personally experienced censorship. Not only is censorship un-American, but it is evil in its intent to deceive and hide the truth. We must stand for free speech as it is our God-given right.

I hope the selected resources enlighten you and that you will share with your community of contacts; if you have limited time you may like to focus on the items bolded in Selected References & Sources linked below. If the data and science seem overwhelming, listen to these science fiction shows from 2003 and 2016: X Files episode, “My Struggle II” aired February 22, 2016 (Season 10, Episode 6) Clip: 2016 X-Files Episode: Predictive Programming? ( Ben Armstrong discusses this TV show and another from 2003 that is also eerily predictive, Dead Zone Plague. If these science fiction shows that play like 2020 – 2022 reality TV do not open your eyes to the globalist plan, nothing will! It is not that they are prophetic, but Hollywood hob knobs with the technical and global elite who have implemented the plan they have been concocting for decades!

I also recommend the new Canadian documentary produced in association with the Children’s Health Defense which compellingly addresses most of the pandemic and vaccine topics in this article: Uninformed Consent: A Matador Films Documentary followed by a doctors panel discussion with the producer on Friday Roundtable July 29 2022 Children’s Health Defense.

Finally, some good news is that the first class action law suit by a faith based organization against mandates that denied religious exemptions was won: Chicago Health Care Workers’ Class Action Against “Vaccine” Mandate Settle for $10.3 million July 31 2022. I believe this is a “hole in the dike” which will lead to a great flood of “living water” wins against the unlawful mandates for an experimental drug.

You may like to follow the most recent research and data, for which I recommend these sources among others referenced:

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The Father’s Prayer: A Story of Blessing

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The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you;
The Lord turn His countenance toward you and give you peace.

Numbers 6: 23 – 25

Having grown up in a Bible-centered church, every Sunday I experienced the tradition of our Pastor speaking this prayer of blessing over the congregation at the end of each service. Even as a small child it impressed me as a powerful prayer. It would be years later that I learned more about the context of the prayer and recalled my early sense of receiving an all-encompassing blessing as it was spoken. Last year when we moved to Flagstaff, I wanted to bless visitors to our home upon entering our foyer. I was moved to have this prayer superimposed on a picture I had taken over Lake Michigan when I was flying into Chicago after a family wedding. It now graces our entrance as though God Himself is imparting the blessing from heaven. Then just this year I was introduced to Warren Marcus’ book, The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing: The Ancient Secret of the Only Prayer in the Bible Written by God Himself. I was struck anew by the power of this seemingly simple prayer.

The Mountain Impartation

To understand the full impartation of the Priestly Prayer, one must know the story behind it. After the Israelites were released from bondage in Egypt by the ten plagues of God, and then escaped the pursuing Egyptians by the miraculous parting of the Red Sea, Moses led God’s people into the desert where God called Moses to the mountain top. At the summit Moses was given the 10 commandments written by the finger of God on tablets of stone. Upon carrying the stone tablets down the mountain, Moses returned to the camp site to find that the people had erected an idol of a golden calf to worship, a remnant of their Egyptian bondage. Moses was so furious he broke the tablets, had the calf melted down, and returned to the mountain to implore of God how he could possibly deal with “His” wayward people. In God’s infinite grace, He rewrote the 10 commandments and gave to Moses the Priestly Prayer, instructing Moses to have Aaron the Priest speak the prayer over the people every day.

Supernatural Provision

Moses obeyed and for 40 years in the desert Aaron spoke the words of blessing over the people; they were fed by manna from heaven and quail when they tired of the manna; their clothes and shoes never wore out, and when they thirsted water came from a rock. This supernatural provision was a result of the daily Priestly Prayer of blessing. Based on extensive research, Warren Marcus shares the amazing story of the amplified meaning of this ancient Hebrew prayer. As simple as it seems in English, the Hebrew reveals an expansive blessing.

First of all, Lord in Hebrew actually refers to God the Father, Yahuwah; amazingly this blessing is the only prayer given directly from the Father. We know the prayers of His Son Jesus and the apostles from the New Testament and are familiar with many prayers of the patriarchs, prophets and kings in the Old Testament. There must be something very special about this singular prayer to have been spoken by the Father to protect and provide for His chosen people as they wandered in the desert.

Journey to the Promised Land

God knew that His people, who had been in bondage for 400 years, were not ready to go directly into the Promised Land so through their desert experience He taught them to follow Him by fire at night and pillar of cloud by day, to trust in Him for daily provision, and to worship Him alone. The older generation, who had known only Egypt as their home, died in the desert, and it was the next generation born in the desert who would enter and conquer the Promised Land. Even Moses died prior to the Jordon crossing, imparting to Joshua the mantle of leadership. Indeed, it was the daily Priestly Blessing that sustained the Hebrew people on their long journey to their Promised Land.

The Amplified Prayer of Blessing

After reading Marcus’ book, also available in CD, I have listened to this prayer often as I start my day. Since discovering the origin and amplified meaning of the Father’s Prayer, I have shared it with friends and family to bless them. I believe as Warren Marcus does, that this divine prayer is an impartation of supernatural blessing from the Father Himself and, as of old is meant for us today.

Receive the Blessing

Do you need a blessing today? Perhaps you are going through a desert experience of financial, health, relational, career or spiritual crisis. Adapt the prayer of blessing and you will enter an oasis of the Father’s provision, protection, inspiration, and revelation. Look into His face as He intimately shines His grace on you. Allow His whole being to embrace you, transform your perspective on life’s challenges, bring order to your life and reveal your purpose. I can attest to the transformative power of the Father’s blessing as I read, hear, and recite it for myself and others. Receive the blessing now as you listen to the amplified English version of the Father’s prayer: www.warrenmarcus/prayer In addition, Paul Wilbur, a Messianic Jewish musician, chants the inspired Hebrew blessing. Your heavenly Father desires to bless His adopted children, as He has blessed His chosen people over the centuries. Receive the Father’s prayer of blessing and your life shall be renewed in love, faith, and joy.

Sheryl Dawson
May 14, 2018
Honoring the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Israel

The Story of the Bristlecone Pine: Resiliency in the Face of Change

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Find Bristlecone Items at Redbubble

After the global economic tsunamis of 9-11, resultant recession and collapse of Enron, like so many in Houston, I personally was impacted in dramatic ways. Seemingly overnight the business climate turned chaotic, capital fled, and client business seemed to vanish. Everyone was either scrambling to sift through the ruble or hunkering down to weather the storm. Ex-Enron executives handcuffed for perp walks captured the headlines. Meanwhile, victims of the carnage – both individuals and businesses — implemented survival tactics. I laid off half my staff, went into debt to keep the doors open, and devised strategic initiatives to diversify. Nothing seemed to work.

While we put our best face forward in marketing and sales, behind the scenes I was in a cauldron of anxiety, uncertainty, failure, and self-doubt. I wondered what was wrong with my business agility? I was literally in the “valley of the shadow of death” – in Hebrew it means the blackest of black darkness. There seemed to be no light. As consulting firms shuttered their doors around me, I clung to my faith and believed that somehow I would keep my doors open.

I developed new business models – they failed. I invented new services based on research and a changing Talent Management environment and slowly, painfully opportunities materialized. I built a team of expert coaches and partners in the changing talent management space. Fortunately I landed a talent development opportunity that seemed to come out of nowhere. We expanded into recruiting and achieved placements, celebrating every new piece of business. At the time I owned the local CPI global brand and they too diversified and expanded our international footprint. The parallel paths of the local and global brands enabled me to slowly rebuild my business. There were several very tough years in which progress was discouragingly slow. Yet I persevered, grew through the challenges, and learned new skills.

New Challenges Arise
As though my resilience were not sufficiently tested, other challenges arose with family relationships, a personal health crisis, a major legal battle, and betrayals that shook me to my core values. Nothing seemed to come easily. Yet, I had been through the” valley of the shadow of death” before, and I knew that these challenges too would pass. I persevered. I sought out the help of my coach friends who were more experienced in many of the situations I confronted. With every need, it was as though the right person, with the right expertise was available at the right time to help me. I never walked my journey alone. The Lord impeccably selected those who like angels would appear on the scene with just-in-time solutions and support.

Prevailing in the Face of Hardship

Just as I stood holding up this Bristlecone Pine while hiking in Bryce Canyon, I stand today to prove that I not only survived, but have thrived. In early 2014 I sold my global CPI practice and reestablished my legacy Dawson brand providing talent solutions with a focus on assessment.  Everything I have experienced in my life and business, including the failures, have culminated in my consulting capabilities and a love for transforming organizations and individuals to achieve their potential.

The Ranger Persona
I have many other passions and one is to don my hat, pull on my hiking boots and with camera in hand explore and capture in photographic clarity the beauty of nature. Several people we accosted in the national parks wondered if I was a ranger! When I shared that with one of my certified assessment coaches, he asked whether I matched the ranger career success template. That question brought me back to reality! But, I do enjoy hiking in my “ranger” outfit!

Regeneration & Resiliency
The Bristlecone tree is the oldest living organism on earth. How does it live for centuries? It has the unsurpassed ability to regenerate. After every natural disaster that kills all other plants, the Bristlecone sprouts new life. In the same way, within each of us is the power to regenerate. Resiliency in the face of change comes from within. You too can have the faith, fortitude, and fighting spirit to overcome whatever challenge you face. When your capacity wanes, around you are people who care and have the expertise to help. There are new opportunities to explore. New ideas to develop. New contacts to meet. New skills to learn.

What I found in my journey over a long and gnarly career, is that whatever the economic challenge, natural disaster, or personal failure, we have the God-given power within us to regenerate, to survive and thrive. Rather than a stumbling block, every challenge or failure is a stepping stone. Rather than the worst thing, it can be the best thing to happen. The choice is ours. We may not outlive the Bristlecone Pine, but while we are here we can regenerate, reinvent, and re-energize. We can rise from any valley to tell our personal story and help a fellow sojourner. Resilience always finds the silver lining in every dark cloud.

The Silver Lined Clouds Story: A Personal Testimony

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Dark clouds can appear unexpectedly in many formations, and in 2012 I faced a significant ominous health challenge for the first time in my life; on the day of my initial diagnosis I left the hospital as the sun was setting to see this amazing sky with silver-lined clouds; immediately as I observed the radiance of the image, the Holy Spirit impressed on me, “all will be well.” Having heard this encouraging word before I received the doctor’s recommendation for surgery and treatment, I knew I had to take a picture of the sky. At rush hour in the medical center, that was no small task! My view obstructed by buildings from every perspective, maneuvering around congested traffic, I managed to find a parking lot with a clear view of the sky and captured the silver-lined clouds to encourage me throughout my medical journey over the next few months. On the Home page we superimposed the Star of Christmas to honor Jesus, our ultimate illumination and the “light of the world”.
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