5 Health Spheres for a Meaningful & Successful Life

Whole Life Profile One-Day Workshop for Individuals and Couples

The training will be held in the Multipurpose room of the Flagstaff Athletic Club
(1500 N Country Club Dr, Flagstaff, AZ 86004) on
July 27, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (lunch included)


Achieve Wellness through Self-Awareness

For a number of years as part of my consulting practice, I have offered the Whole Life Profile for individuals to achieve improved work/life balance, wellness, and greater happiness and fulfillment. Having self-awareness is a key to success in any aspect of one’s life and the Whole Life Profile is an exceptional self-assessment to facilitate one’s awareness of strengths, balance, and areas of improvement. In addition, I have found that achieving change is not an easy task, whether in one’s career, job, wellness or any aspect of life. The Whole Life Profile is particularly valuable to identify one’s imbalances, appropriate change goals, and to assess one’s motivators that will enable successful change. I have experienced the value of this assessment and complementary workshop personally and have had the privilege to assist others in their wellness journeys through the implementation of these highly effective resources. Below is an overview of the assessment and workshop. If you can benefit from greater self-awareness and life balance, contact me for more information on this powerful change agent to help you achieve your wellness and life change goals.

Whole Life Profile Overview

The Whole Life Profile™ (WLP), developed by Harrison Assessments, measures 5 spheres or areas of life and potential success. Each sphere consists of 3 pairs of paradoxical life competencies. When the paradoxical traits are balanced, success in that area is more likely. Without balance any one of these traits can be destructive to one’s life relationships, career, enjoyment and achievement.

The WLP™ is ideal for individuals interested in balancing their lives, as well as, for-profit and non-profit organizations offering Health and Wellness, Employee Assistance, and Work Life Balance programs. The WLP™ by Harrison Assessments is based on many years of research; there is no other personal assessment on the market that identifies all five health spheres for personal development.

Benefits for Individuals, Couples & Coaches:

  • Learn keys to psychological happiness – Achieve greater self-confidence and self-satisfaction.
  • Learn behaviors and attitudes for financial success and how your behaviors and attitudes compare.
  • Learn the key issues related to career success and how your inner strengths can catapult your career.
  • Learn how to succeed in a career you love and express your greatest talents in organizations.
  • Discover key factors that enable you to have fulfilling relationships and the ways in which you may be sabotaging yourself.
  • Discover how your physical health habits are affecting your happiness in all aspects of your life.
  • Learn how you can reach your full potential and personal life meaning.

The Whole Life Profile (WLP) Workshop

The WLP assessment is a first step to achieving your wellness and life change goals. The small group workshop facilitates greater understanding of the Paradox concept and how to activate your change process. To achieve balance in any of the four Paradoxical life spheres, as well as improving physical health, is challenging to say the least. The WLP Workshop increases understanding of the Paradox concept and unintended consequences of imbalance, helps to identify personal goals for change, and facilitates the development of a plan for achieving improved balance and wellness.

WLP™ Life Spheres

  • Psychological Health
  • Financial Health
  • Relationship Health
  • Integral Health
  • Physical Health

Physical Health is the center sphere because it provides the foundation for the other spheres and profoundly affects all life spheres.

WLP image 3 - 7 2014

The workshop significantly enhances the Whole Life Profile debrief experience through an exploration of Paradox imbalances and how they affect life; interacting with others helped me gain new insight into my own imbalances. The opportunity to safely explore one’s vulnerabilities and to learn listening skills through the dyad exercise is very powerful. With a better understanding of how imbalances impact one’s relationships and life, it is naturally easier and less stressful to begin a desired change process following the workshop. I heartily recommend the profile and workshop experiences, both for coaches seeking to enhance their capabilities, and individuals desiring a more balanced and fulfilling life.”

— Roberta Cohen, Coach

Paradox Technology™

  • Whole Life Profile™ is the only personal assessment that harnesses the power of Paradox.
  • Paradox Technology™ provides a unique insight into oneself and others.
  • Paradox is the result of integrating two seemingly contradictory behaviors that both contribute to one’s success.
  • The WLP™ provides a guideline for self-balancing and a greater awareness of one self and one’s relationships.

WLP™ Questionnaire

The WLP Questionnaire is completed online and takes about 60 minutes to complete; a consistency mechanism ensures accuracy. A certified coach reviews the confidential and comprehensive report in a one – two hour session. A 1-day workshop is also available to explore one’s strengths and challenges and to develop a plan of action to improve one’s life balance, enjoyment and success.

The Power of Paradox Theory™

The WLP™ report is designed to identify complementary traits that appear contradictory.

No trait in and of itself is a strength. Rather, when complementary traits are balanced and expanded, there is greater fulfillment in that area of life. Harrison Assessments calls this Balanced Versatility; for example, diligence without enjoyment of work is drudgery and enjoyment of work without diligence is rarely successful. The coaching session and 1-day workshop provides greater insight into one’s mind because the nature of the mind is two-sided. All of life is two-sided as represented by day/night, male/female and inside/outside. The ancient Chinese called this Yin and Yang. The Whole Life Profile helps guide one’s attention to the important areas of balance and imbalance.

WLP™ Report Includes:

  • Five Health Spheres
  • Traits & Definitions
  • Paradox Graphs
  • Paradox Narrative
  • Paradox in Focus – Strength
  • Paradox in Focus – Challenge

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WLP™ Paradoxes Sample Report

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WLP™ Life Spheres Report

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